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Glue ear



About Children’s Adenoid surgery

About Children’s tonsil surgery

About grommets in childhood

About a hole in the eardrum


National Deaf Children’s Society Resources

Glue ear – A Guide for Parents

Understanding your child’s hearing tests


Allergy UK Resources

Allergic Rhinitis and Hayfever – Allergy UK

Pollen and Moulds in the Garden – Allergy UK

House Dust Mite – Allergy UK

Immunotherapy – Allergy UK


What? Why? Children in Hospital Video Resources

What happens during a general anaesthetic?

My child is going for a cardio-respiratory sleep study.

My child has a skin prick test to check for allergies.

What happens when my child has an MRI scan?


Information for children and young people about General Anaesthesia

Rees Bear has an anaesthetic

General Anaesthesia – guide for young people